The ITEA Annual School will be held on June 13-15, 2022.

The aim of the ITEA Annual School is to provide young researchers with a high-quality introduction to academic research on transportation economics, including many recent advances in the field. The program consists of a series of lectures and tutorials conducted by some of the most prominent researchers in transportation economics. In addition, the students are given the possibility to present their own work at the ITEA Annual Conference.

School fees include:

  • admission to school sessions;
  • school materials;
  • coffee breaks and lunches;
  • daily shuttle from Toulouse city Center to ENAC;
  • school dinner.
School's program ITEA 2022
Monday 13/06/22
13.00-14.00 (CEST Time)Welcome
14.00-15.30 (CEST Time)Urban public transportation
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Leonardo J. Basso (Director of ISCI & Prof. Universidad de Chile)
15.30-16.00 (CEST Time)Coffee break
16.00-17.30 (CEST Time)Equilibria and optima
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Robin Lindsey, University of British Columbia
Tuesday 14/06/22
10.30-12.00 (CEST Time)Second-best road pricing
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Erik Verhoef, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
12.00-13.30 (CEST Time)Lunch
13.30-15.00 (CEST Time)Political transportation economics
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Bruno De Borger, University of Antwerp
15.00-15.30 (CEST Time)Coffee break
15.30-17.00 (CEST Time)Empirical Tutorial
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Assoc.-Prof. Stefanie Peer, WU Vienna
20.00 (CEST Time)School dinner
Wednesday 15/06/22
08.00-09.30 (CEST Time)Travel time variability
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Mogens Fosgerau, University of Copenhagen
09.45-11.15 (CEST Time)Transportation cost-benefit analysis
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Maria Börjesson, VTH Stockholm
11.15-11.45 (CEST Time)Coffee break
11.45-13.15 (CEST Time)Economics of airline networks
Room: Amphi Breguet
by Prof. Jan Brueckner, University of California Irvine
13.15-14.45 (CEST Time)Lunch